Monday, April 27, 2009


There's supposed to be one more post I have to get done with today but I'm waiting for a few authors to help me with this one. IF people read this, then they might get the WRONG idea of how to do things... Uh-un, that would not be good. And I haven't had much experiance writing busniness letters, so I want to see what the pubuished author have to say. Sorry!!!!

BUT, I do have some more info on how to find THE right publisher for you.

Mrs. E.D. Baker, author of the Tales of the Frog Princess series and Wings, says that you can attend writing confrencess. They will give you current information on who is accepting what.
Think about if you want an agent or you want to go solo. This is all very inportant. E.D. Baker is a 'solo' author, and that only means that you have to rely on yourself pubishers.
There is LOTS more I could tell you, but I'll go through that later.

Miss Jessica Day George has an interview coming up! I'll be posting it as soon as possible...

Incase you had no clue, Jessica Day George is the author of Dragon Slippers, Dragon Flight, Dragon Spear (coming in May), Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow, and The Princesses of the Midnight Ball.
She is an awesome writer, and is very good at her job.

That's all.

Remember, publishing is a huge step into the future, make sure you want to and make sure you know what you are going to get into.

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