Saturday, April 25, 2009

Who would pubish my book?????

First, some necessary questions I'd have to answer for myself:

Would I like to self-publish?
Would I like to 'sell' my book?
Would I like to get something out of it?
Who do I want to publish my book?
(if you're going to 'sell' your book...)

After I get done answering these questions, then I could move on.

Let's say I would like to self-publish. First, I must write my book/poem/song. (this is necessary for getting started...) After I get done with that, I could go onto a site like For this site, you must be writing a small book. Then, I would buy as many books as I think I would need to start selling my books. (notice that 'sell' and selling are different things)
After I do all of this, I would find a local businesses, as preferred by most self-publishers. I go knock on their door and give them a copy of my book, then wait to see if they think it's worthy of selling in their store. If they say "Yes", I wait to see how the books sell.
If they sell good, then I might want to start selling at different stores.
If not, then you might want to re-think your idea. (of your book)
All steps to self publishing:

1. Write your book.
2. Find a site/group that will make copies of your book.
3. Buy copies of your book.
4. Go to a local store and see if they want to buy your books.
5. Wait for the outcome.
6. Thank God that you got a chance to do something like that!!! (;

IF you want to 'sell' your book...

Wait, what is 'selling' my book? you're asking. 'Selling' your book is what we'll call having someone else do the hard stuff-- buying your book, selling it, that stuff.
BUT!!!! you must get them to LOOK at it. This is hard.
First, write your book. You don't have to write all of it for most companies, just a few chapters. (we'll talk about the 'other' companies soon...)
Then print out your first 2-4 chapters. NO MORE THAN FOUR!!! Make sure your front is Times New Roman, and your text size is 12. These will make you look professional.
Than, you have to go to the Writer's Market. How do you get there? I can't tell you. I don't know how. You can go to your favorite librarian and ask if they will show you how to get there.
After you get a publisher to look at you manuscripts, then you have to wait until they call you and say "You've got guts... And they paid off!!!" (they will not say that... It's just what I thought would be funny...)
Well, then you're hired by the company to write books until your ideas have dried up. (yep... No switching after that!!!)

2. Copy 2-4 chapters of your book, size 12 front Times New Roman.
3. Go find the Writer's Market.
4. Find a company and give them your papers.
5. Wait for THE CALL.
6. Write until you can't for that company.
7. Praise God-- not many peoples get this chance.

"This seems all too easy, Kiera! How come there are no good reads on the self these days???" You're asking.
It's not. This 'simple' proses can sometimes take 4-6 years. Sometimes you'll get lucky, but true talent is often looked away from. Don't despair, though. If it's your passion, then I'm sure you're book will one day get published!!!

No. NOT riches, tax lay-offs. This may be THE best way to do it.
First, WRITE YOUR BOOK!!!! Come on people, you are NOT getting out of doing so THAT easily!
After you do so, (everyone knows about Schoolastics, right?) then you can go to the Schoolastics website and figure out how to do that...
I can't help you on this one. I Googled and Googled some more, but I can't figure out how to get to their publishing page... Then again, that might be in the Writer's Market.
Schoolastics will only pay you ONCE, but like I said, you'll bew getting tax lay-offs for as long as you live for selling your greatest idea to them.

I don't think a step-by-step thing will help you... Sorry, I know, I lost it!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, publishing is a HUGE step. Make sure you really think about it... Writing might be more of a hobby than a proffesion-to-be than it is to some people. But, you should be happy with whatever you get to be, and remember to put some of that good 'ol faith in there. God loves us, and we should make others see that as much as possible!!!

Well, if it helped or not, Thanks for reading!

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